Water filters

Water filters

UAB “LT Aqua” – opportunities that surpass expectations. We follow this motto every day, both when communicating with our customers and when carrying out our work. We always do what we promise, we do not leave any unfinished works and never change the prices that we have agreed upon. We guarantee to provide you with the best price and quality ratio, qualified employees and professional customer service. We always take responsibility for our carried out works and our customers do not need to additionally pay for something that they were not notified about. We always finish our projects, even if they become unprofitable for us, because positive feedback, fulfilled promises and executed agreements are greater values to us than immediate profit. We have the largest network in the Baltic states, as well as provide warranty and post-warranty service of water filters for our customer. This ensures that each failure or issue are taken care of on time.

Each decision is unique when choosing a water filter. This depends on water test results, which are necessary in order to determine the quality of water. And the needs of our customers are also different, therefore choosing and assembling water filters is an individual and different process in each case.

Main water filters and their types:

Water deironing filters

Water deironing is usually carried out to remove excess amounts of iron in water. In addition to removing iron from water, properly selected water deironing filters can also remove excess amounts of manganese from water, as well as eliminate any unpleasant smells and make water particularly clear in the process. If water is not bacteriologically contaminated, water purification is completely environmentally friendly, as water is oxidized through a special medium using only air. Later, all dirt collected from the water is washed into the sewerage system. Water deironing filters are usually used when setting up a borehole or when water in the water supply system contains high amounts of iron.

Water softening filters

The main task of water softening filters is to remove hardness from water. However, by modifying the water filters according to the performed water tests, it is perfectly possible to use the softening filter to also remove nitrates, manganese and iron from water along with calcium. This, of course, depends on the water test results. When the amounts of iron and manganese in water are particularly high, a water deironing filter is also necessary in addition to the softening filter. Water softening filters use softening salt for rinsing and medium recovery. It is particularly important to use appropriate softening salt, as this not only saves water, but also extends the service life of filters.

ūdens filtri

Reverse osmosis filters

This water filtering principle is used to prepare drinking water. These water filters are usually used in order to improve the taste of water, as well as to purify water when it is highly contaminated with nitrates, nitrites and ammonium. This water purification system is able to remove heavy metals, calcium or other pollutants from water. Drinking water systems are assembled with mineralizers, which enables to not only have properly purified water, but to also enrich it with minerals. If you doubt the quality of your water, we guarantee that using these filters will make your water suitable to be used even for the preparation of baby food.

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