Industrial filters

Industrial filters

Commercial companies:

  • For hotels and guest houses;
  • For restaurants, cafes, dining establishments;
  • For pools, saunas and SPA;
  • For sports clubs;
  • For car washes;
  • For laundry service facilities and industrial ironing systems.

Food industry:

  • For milk processing companies;
  • For meat processing companies;
  • For the production of pastries;
  • For the production of beverages.

Light industry:

  • Manufacture of chemical products;
  • For metal processing companies;
  • For the manufacture of pharmaceutical products;
  • For the manufacture of cosmetics;
  • For the manufacture of machinery and parts;
  • For sewing companies;
  • For the manufacture of glass units

For residents:

  • For private homes,
  • for townhouses;
  • for apartments,
  • for multi-apartment buildings
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Industrial systems

UAB LT AQUA installs, maintains and renews water purification systems, as well as offers professional solutions for the following processes:

Water preparation:

  • Deironing;
  • Water softening;
  • Chemical water filtration;
  • Water desalination;
  • UV water filtration;

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